selected exhibition – Sunna Bohlen


2015 Berlin, Germany LEE galerie Berlin
No Sorrow in Pathos. Solo Exhibition.
On Going Exhibition
The paintings of Sunna Bohlen as can be seen on Law firm of FRIEDRICH VON LÖBBECKE
Markgrafenstraße 42 · 10 117 Berlin
and Living Gallery in Mitte, Berlin by appointment only
2011 San Diego, California, USA The Ordorver Gallery
at the Natural History Museum of San Diego Inspiration of the Natural World
With 1977 Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Digital Painter Dr. Roger Guillemin
2010 La Jolla, California, USA University of California San Diego Selected Paintings and Poems
2009 La Jolla, California, USA Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Among the Stones – Solo exhibition
2009 San Diego, California, USA Decoding Humanity
5 Paintings for Ferring Pharmaceutical Company

Sunna’s work resides in a variety of private collections and public spaces around the world including Moore’s Cancer Center at University of California, The Burnham Institute for Medical Research, KPBS Public Broadcasting Company, and the San Diego Opera.
2006 La Jolla, California, USA Symposium at Burnham Institute for Medical Research
The Creative Mind – Solo exhibition
A President’s Council Events Panel Discussion
Panelists: Dr. Roger Guillemin-Nobel Laureate, Sunna Bohlen-Artist, Dr. Stuart Lipton- Neuro Scientist, Jeff Thayer-Violinist/Concertmaster, Dr. Joe Sorge-Inventor
2003 New York, USA Caelum Gallery
Taken by Wondering Dream – Solo exhibition
2001 La Jolla, California, USA San Diego Opera and KPBS
Who Are We? – Solo exhibition
at Turnham Institute for Medical Research
2000 Escondido, California USA The Lillian Berkley Gallery
Spirit and Paradigm
With 1977 Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Digital Painter Dr. Roger Guillemin