artist’s statement – Sunna Bohlen


From an early age, I’ve felt a great compulsion to investigate the human condition, life’s balancing act of survival and transcendence. Language and philosophy were the ways of abstracting the meaning of my experience and understanding the feelings and thoughts behind them.

I am motivated to translate more than an aesthetic quality of work and insist that my emotions connect to the natural world by combining mental and physical environments through the depths of color. Here, through creative struggle both worlds combine outside the limits of duality.

Often we negotiate with reality, but sometimes we understand more clearly when gazing beyond our physical boundaries to pursue a vision of immaterial energies that may decode our humanity and existence within the world.

Today, I am committed to put those feelings to canvas and poem. It is purely an act of emotional survival and gives way to reconcile the intimate inexplicableness of the human psyche. With focus in painting and poetry, it becomes the ritual gesture of conscious healing.


Born in South Korea, Sunna moved to the United States to pursue her self-discovery and commitment to the arts.